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Training Courses

AIDRN organizes different professional mediation training courses, catering for mediation and dispute resolution training of different persons. All courses are delivered by recognized and experienced trainers and mediators of AIDRN, who are also responsible for writing training materials. Students are thus able to master the required qualities and skills of a mediator in a more professional approach. AIDRN will also issue certificates for all students who have completed and passed the courses, as an indication of attendance.

International Professional Mediator Training Certificate Course
Professional Mediator (Intellectual Property) Training Certificate Course - Grade 2
Conversion Course for International Accredited Professional Mediator of IDRRMI
Workplace Mediation Training Certificate Course
Conversion Course for Certified Workplace Mediator
Dispute Resolution Advocacy Training Course
Corporate Training
International Mediation Coach Training Course
International Professional Mediation Assessor Training Course
Training for International Accredited Professional Mediation Trainer