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Postgraduate Degree / Professional Programmes

The Academy of International Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation (AIDRN) is a global academic institute that offers training, defines competency standards, and conducts researches and data analysis for dispute resolution and negotiation. It offers a range of professional training in business risk management, business negotiation, dispute resolution, and other professional training that is recognized by highly celebrated worldwide institutes, universities, and official authorities.

The postgraduate diploma (Pg.D.) programs at the AIDRN provide a systematic, quality-assured, and highly competitive learning experience for students who desire to develop professional knowledge. These serve as the program for improving competence in their professional industry, more importantly, allowing students to acquire professional qualifications from many globally recognized accreditation professional institutes, ie.  the International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management Institute (IDRRMI), Hong Kong International Mediation Centre (HKIMC), Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Centre (MHJMC), Hong Kong Centre of International Commercial Arbitration (HKCICA), Hong Kong International Mediation Centre (HKIMC) and International Professional Dispute Resolution Advocates Association (IPDRAA).

AIDRN is proud to offer Postgraduate / Professional Diploma in the following disciplines:

Postgraduate Diploma

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Application form link:

Higher Education Programme Academic development

The Pg.D. graduates of AIDRN may get exemption in continuing the student in respective Master Degree Programs and Doctoral Degree Programs of AIDRN, University of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and Sabi International University and Post-Doctoral Degree Programs of Stanford University, California State University (CSU)and the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley).

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Professional qualifications

The AIDRN Pg.D. programs provide the training sessions for students to acquire professional qualifications from the IDRRMI, HKIMC, HKCICA, MHJMC, and IPDRAA. Meanwhile, a professional career development path is also available for students to pursue. Students are required to fulfill other administrative and accreditation arrangement set by the IDRRMI. Please refer to the website of the respective institutes for further information.

  • College graduates
  • Candidates with no College Graduate certificates will be interviewed separately

Professional Diploma

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Please visit the following page for details

Application Procedure

  1. Fill in the application form via the link above
  2. Applicants are required to submit the following items to the admission office of the AIDRN via email:
    o Personal C.V.
    o Photo
    o Academic qualifications
    o Professional qualifications
    o Registration fee
  3. The application progress is officially completed after submitting all the required documents. Applicants will be selected on the basis of academic merits and relevant work experience. All applicants will be informed of the application results. Please contact AIDRN if you do not receive our decision by the date provided in the application and acknowledgement receipt sent by the AIDRN.

* Applicants wishing to apply for admission should send the following to the Admission Office:

    • The online application for admission form complete
    • The application fee of HK$300
    • Copies of the Secondary and the Senior Secondary School Certificate and the mark sheets. Postgraduate applicants, in addition to the above, should send a copy of the Bachelor and the relevant mark sheet
    • IELTS or equivalent, if available
    • Two passport size photographs with the applicant's name written on the back
    • Two references College Reference Form. The references should be from people that can comment thoughtfully on the applicant's abilities. This may include current/former instructors and employers
    • C.V.Documents can be submitted an electronic copy to

Course inquiries

  • Email :
  • Telephone: 3622 2241 (Dr. Alfred Chan)