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[BN01] Professional Business Negotiator Training Certificate Course

  • Course Code: BN01-14H-0923
  • Duration: 18 hours (6 lessons)
  • Date: 20,25,27 September & 4,11,16 October 2023
  • Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Location: Hong Kong Legal Hub, West Wing, Justice Place, 11 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • Language: Cantonese, supplemented with English Materials
  • Fee: $6,500 (member or early bird -10% discount: $5,850) [Assessment fee included] (early bird discount - applicant must complete the application procedure on or before 20 August 2023)
  • Application Deadline: 11 September 2023

*Terms and Conditions apply to the application

Please refer to the details below

Course Description

In this Professional Business Negotiator Training Certificate Course, you will learn negotiation strategies to understand, plan and achieve your objectives in a variety of contexts. Participants can gain insights for better negotiation tactics with self-assignments, as well as analyse their body language and physiological responses based on their performance in a live simulation. Serving as the leading business negotiation programme in the market, you will engage in interactive exercises and real-time feedback to maximise your negotiating performance.

Course Highlights

Highly Recognised – The course is recognised by multiple international professional organisations, including International Professional advocate Association (IPAA), International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management Institute (IDRRMI), Hong Kong Mediation Centre (HKMC), Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center (MHJMC), and more

Highly interactive – led by the trainers, participants would participate in multiple role-play sessions with common negotiation scenarios to translate the learned skill into equipped abilities.

Professional Qualification – At the completion of the course and after successfully passing the professional assessment, participants are eligible to apply for the Certified Professional Business Negotiator (CPBN) qualification at the professional platform for continuous professional development and case referral opportunities.

Level of course


Target Participants

  1. Working in the line of sales, project management and business development
  2. Individuals who are interested in learning business negotiation
  3. Individuals who are interested in obtaining professional qualification - 'Certified Professional Business Negotiator (CPBN)' of IPAA

Course Contents

  1. Foundation, concept and types of negotiation
  2. Dissecting psychology, emotion and behaviours in negotiation
  3. Preparation and process of a professional negotiation
  4. Tactics and strategies to reach productive negotiation outcome
  5. Skills that lead to better negotiation between you and the counterpart
  6. Solutions for unsuccessful negotiation
  7. Role-play negotiation exercises

Course Assessment

End-of-course assessment and assignment


Participants attaining 80% attendance in the course and passing the end-of-course assessment (accredited by International Professional Advocate Association ("IPAA")) will be awarded a “Certificate of Completion” and are eligible to apply to be a Certified Professional Business Negotiator (CPBN) of the IPAA.

Candidates successfully passing the end-of-course assessment and the assignment are eligible to apply to be a Certified Professional Business Negotiator (CPBN) of the International Professional Advocate Association ("IPAA") with the presentation of the Certificate of Completion or end-of-course assessment results within a year. The application fee and annual fee shall refer to IPAA's website.

Course Details

Level Foundation
Category Code BN01
Time Five weekday nights for 3 hours each
Duration 15 hours in total
Media Cantonese lecture (supplemented with English Materials)
Location Hong Kong Legal Hub, West Wing, Justice Place, 11 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong
Course Fee HK$6,500

  • Members All-time discount - 10% off
  • * Early bird discount -10% off: HK$5,850 (Early bird discount - complete payment banked-in on or before the early bird deadline)
  • ** Discount offers cannot be cumulated.
Course Mode Lecture, group discussion, group exercise, assignment
  • International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management (IDRRMI)
  • Hong Kong Mediation Centre (HKMC)
  • International Professional Advocates Association (IPAA)
  • Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Centre (MHJMC)
  • Hong Kong International Mediation Centre (HKIMC)
  • Hong Kong Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (HKCICA)
Registration 1. Please complete and submit the online application form via the link above (Next cohort)

2. Please settle the course fee by either cross-cheque or bank transfer on or before the application deadline.

Payment Methods Bank Transfer:

  • Please provide Bank-in Slip and state your full name, contact number, and the course title.
  • Bank Name: BANK OF CHINA (Hong Kong) LIMITED
  • Bank Account: Academy of Intl Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation Ltd
  • Bank Account Number 012-704-2-005666-9


  • Cheque should be made payable to “Academy of Intl Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation Ltd.”
  • Please write down your full name, contact number and label the course title at the back of the cheque.
  • Only applicable to owners of a Hong Kong bank account. Please submit your cross-cheque to the Academy of Intl Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation (Room506, 5/F West Wing, Justice Place, 11 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong).


  • FPS identifier: 169930302

Submission method:
- Post/Submit in person (prior appointment is needed) to 506, 5/F, West Wing, Justice Place, 11 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong; or
- Email the payment receipt to

Terms and Conditions A. Registration must be made by returning the completed online application form via google link and sending the crossed-cheque or copy of the bank-in slip to Room506, 5/F, West Wing Justice Place, 11 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong by 12:00 noon on 11 September 2023. Confirmation will be notified by email upon successful application on or before 12 September 2023. No Refund will be arranged in all circumstances after the confirmation notification is issued.

B. If you do not receive an email confirmation from the Secretariat after 12 September 2023, your name will be wait-listed. Your submitted cheque will be voided subsequently by the Secretariat if you have not been assigned a place in the captioned course or If your course fee was made by bank transfer, a cheque will be issued to you as the payment refund.

C. Participants must sign in and sign out. Participants who are late for more than 20 minutes or leave earlier in each session will not be qualified for the completion of IPAA’s & MHJMC’s & HKMC’s CPD Points in respective sessions.

D. Upon the official confirmation sent from the AIDRN, under no circumstance replacement course/ session would be arranged for any absentee in the class, nor does any refunds. Please check with our administration for further information.

E. If typhoon signal no. 8 or above or black rainstorm warning signals is hoisted and not lowered by 2 hours before the lesson start, the lesson will be postponed or canceled. Rescheduled date/ time/ venue will be announced in due course.

F. In case of any disputes, the Academy of International Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation reserves the right to make final decisions.

G. The course is subject to change at any time without liability.