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[Med11] Professional Mediation Case Manager Certificate Training Course

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  • Course Code: Med11-11H-0724
  • Hours: 12 hours
  • Sessions: 4 lessons
  • Date: 8, 10, 15 & 17 July 2024
  • Time: 7pm-10pm
  • Location: Hong Kong Legal Hub, West Wing, Justice Place, 11 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • Language: Cantonese, supplemented with English
  • Fee: HKD$4,200
  • Application Deadline: 28 June 2024

Please refer to the details below

Available in Traditional Chinese Only

Course Description

With high success rates of settlement worldwide, mediation has proven to be an efficient, time, and cost-effective dispute resolution tool which adequately addresses the interests of the parties. Thus, resorting to mediation should be highly encouraged.

The professional who assists parties, mediators, and the mediation institute to administer the mediation is of paramount importance for a successful mediation. A mediation case manager provides case management services and administrative support to Mediation service providers. A mediation case manager collaborates with the mediator and the mediation centres to develop and administer their dispute resolution practice.

In mediation, a case manager is usually the first dispute resolution professional with whom parties have contact. Because they are the first point of contact, case managers can influence whether or not all parties will come to the mediation table.

Although the principle of self-determination prescribes that the parties themselves should decide whether to participate in community mediation, few parties have experienced or are familiar with mediation. Therefore, the case manager is typically the first person to explain the process and to determine if a case is appropriate for mediation. If case managers determine that a dispute may be amenable to mediation, they may then attempt to persuade parties that mediation could work for them. Case managers do not represent either party, but they often advocate for the mediation process.

Learning Objectives

The design of the course is to train the professional practitioners to provide excellent service on mediation-related logistics, administrations, documentation, and progress arrangement to the client. We cover various topics in the course that is both accurate and practical to the operation as a case manager in the mediation of various natures including mediation in Hong Kong, cross-border, and in the Greater Bay Area. Through interactive and real-case simulation exercises, the Professional Mediation Case Manager Certificate Training course enhances the learning experience of participants, allowing them to familiar with all the key standards and conduct as a professional mediation case manager. Upon the completion of the course, participants are eligible to obtain the professional qualification and apply as Professional Mediation Case Manager (PMCM) under the Hong Kong International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management System.

Target Participants

  1. Mediator,
  2. Solicitor,
  3. Staff at institutions that provide mediation services,
  4. Human resources, complaint handling representatives in companies, and
  5. Individuals who are interested in obtaining a professional qualification in mediation case management.

Course Contents

  1. Case management in Mediation, its impact and challenges
  2. Introduction on effective dispute resolution and Mediation
  3. Role of Professional Mediation Case Manager (PMCM)
  4. Code, conduct, and ethics of PMCP
  5. Relationship between Mediation case manager and Mediator
  6. Administration of Mediation (General mediation, international mediation and Workplace mediation)
  7. Mediation Process and procedures on specialized cases i.e. IP case, Construction, Employee Compensation Claim
  8. PMCM’s professional services
  9. Special Mediation Schemes under the administration of HKMC, and MHJMC, HKIMC
  10. Role-play exercise

Course Assessment

End-of-course assessment and assignment

Certification & Professional qualification

Stage 1 (Successfully completed the entire Training course)

Participant who fulfills the following criteria would be graduated from the Training course

  • Attain 70% of the course
  • Passed the in-course exam (Passing grade as 70%) (Exam is recognized by International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management Institute "IDRRMI")

Participant will be awarded the "Certificate of Completion" of the course.

Stage 2 (Registration to IDRRMI panel)

Participant who holds the “Certificate of Completion” are eligible to apply for the registration procedure as an enlisted Professional Mediation Case Manager (PMCM) of the International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management Institute (IDRRMI).


  • Hong Kong Mediation Centre: 12 points
  • Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center: 12 points
  • International Dispute Resolution & Risk Management Institute: 12 points

Course Details

Level Foundation
Category Code Med11
Time Four weekday nights for 3 hours each
Duration 12 hours in total
Language Cantonese lecture (supplemented with English Materials)
Location West Wing, Justice Place, 11 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong
Course Fee HK$4,200
Course Mode Lecture, group discussion, group exercise, assignment
  1. Please complete and submit the online application form via the link above (Next cohort)
  2. Please settle the course fee by either cross-cheque or bank transfer on or before the application deadline.

*Application Terms and Conditions apply

Payment Methods 1. Crossed-cheque
- Cheque should be made payable to “Academy of Intl Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation Ltd.”
- Please write down your full name and contact number, and label the course title on the back of the cheque.
- Submit your cheque to Room 506, 5/F, West Wing, Justice Place, 11 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong2. Bank Transfer- Please provide the Bank-in Slip and state your full name, contact number, and course title.
- Bank Name: Academy of Intl Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation Ltd
- Bank Account: BANK OF CHINA (Hong Kong) LIMITED (012-704-2-005666-9)

3. FPS

- FPS identifier: 169930302