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Webinar: COVID-19 Outbreak: Impact on employment in businesses

In the summer of 2020, the COVID-19 virus continues to spread rapidly within the community. Both the substantial threat to health and virus-induced fear put threats on physical health and the psychological well-being of any individuals. In the workplace, the pandemic is presenting unprecedented unique challenges to employment law and labour compliance for human resources professionals and in-house counsels. Businesses are tirelessly striving the balance between minimising any risk and support to employee’s health and safety, and to maintain business continuity during the challenging period. Conflicts and disputes might arise if these are not being handled properly, causing damage to business and further affecting morale at the workplace.

In the webinar, the AIDRN has invited two experienced speakers who would share with us in both the Human resources and legal aspects of our speakers would cover on topics on COVID-19-related urgent arrangements for employees and potential conflicts.


Date:             19 August 2020
Duration:         1.5 hours
Time:            7:30pm – 9:00pm
Format:           Webinar via zoom
Limitation:      100 seats
Language:    Cantonese (supplemented with English)
CPD:                1.5 points for IDRRMI, HKMC, MHJMC, IPDRAA

FREE registration

Application deadline: 17 August 2020 (confirmation would be sent on or before 18 August 2020

Seat priority would be given to IDRRMI, HKMC, MHJMC, IPDRAA members. It is then followed by first come first serve basis on seat priority



Ms. Winnie Tsien

Head of Human Resources (Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan), JLL

After spending 12 years in PwC to lead a new function within Human Capital and worked as Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) for the largest line of service in the same firm, Ms. Winnie Tsien is currently leading the human resources function for the leading real estate professional services, JLL, in Hong Kong covering the business in Macao and Taiwan. She is responsible for working closely with market leadership and management to cultivate new people's experience by improving work relationships, building morale, and increasing employee branding and retention. Winnie is leading the team to focus on driving and solidifying all the initiatives of HR transformation and ensure it creates a great impact on both our people and business.

Mr. Henry Wong

Partner, WMC Partners, Solicitors
Panel Member, Ethics Committee, Hospital Authority

After spending short periods of time with the HSBC (in the Trust Subsidiary) and the Hong Kong Government (as an entry-level lawyer) between 1989 and 1992, Henry joined a private practice as a solicitor and started his own firm in 1998.  His main practice now focuses on civil and commercial law, with an emphasis on dispute resolution and contracts.  His involvement in local employment law practically started with a landmark case in 1996 when the High Court gave an unprecedented judgment accepting overtime payments of 276 workers in the calculation of severance pays upon the termination of employment. Between 2007 and 2014, Henry was appointed by the HKU as an Honorary Assistant Professor teaching legal thinking and skills to future actuaries. For the two years or so from 2008, Henry worked closely with some High Court and District Court Judges introducing and promoting mediation to the general insurance industry. Currently, a significant percentage of general insurance claims especially those related to work injuries and motor accident injuries are settled through mediation. When knowledge is always the core of successes and advancement, Henry always believes sharing is also as important.


Terms and Conditions

A. Registration must be completed on 17 August 2020. Confirmation and seminar (webinar) access method will be notified by email upon successful application on or before 18 August 2020.

B. If you do not receive an email confirmation from the Secretariat on or before 17 August 2020, your name will be wait-listed. Applicant's application is considered unsuccessful if no confirmation could be received after 17 August 2020.

C. Participants must be present in the webinar throughout the session. Participants who are late for more than 20 minutes or leave earlier will not be qualified for the completion of IDRRMI’s & MHJMC’s & HKMC’s &IPDRAA's CPD Points in the sessions.

D. In case of any disputes, the Academy of International Dispute Resolution & Professional Negotiation reserves the right to make final decisions.

E. The webinar is subject to change at any time without liability.