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Postgraduate Diploma in Finance & Wealth Management


The Postgraduate Diploma in Finance & Wealth Management is designed for students who are in the finance and business sector. This course weighs heavily on the knowledge in legal practice, asset management, succession, and taxation. Students would be also taught on the foundation of business management and negotiations while focusing on the basic understanding of the kinds of dispute resolution. More importantly, this program offers the most flexible options in elective modules for students to choose from.

Course Info

Duration Part-time (6-9 months)
  • Risk Management
  • Advance Risk Management
  • Business Negotiation
  • Intermediate Business Negotiation
  • Dispute resolution Advocate
  • Finance compliance
  • Legal knowledge
  • Legal Executive – Dispute resolution Advocate
  • Wealth Management
Commencement Date 
  • Starting September 2020
  • Starting March 2021
Language Cantonese and English
Requirement for graduation All of the post-graduate diploma graduates must complete at least 230 lecture-hours.
Application Deadlines
  • September 2020 Intake - Apply before August 2020
  • March 2021 Intake - Apply before February 2020
Course Enquires
  • Email :
  • Telephone: 2866 1800 (Dr. Alfred Chan)

Professional qualifications

Upon the completion of the program, students are also eligible to obtain the following professional qualification at the International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management Institute (IDRRMI):

  • Certified Risk Management Member (CRMM)
  • Arbitration Member (AMIDRRMI) [If chosen International Arbitration Training]

Upon the completion of the program, students are also eligible to obtain the following professional qualification at the International Professional Dispute Resolution Advocate Association (IPDRAA):

  • Professional Business Negotiator (PBN)
  • International Professional Dispute Resolution Accredited Advocate (IPDRAA)
  • Certified Professional Wealth Manager (CPWM)

And qualified to take the accreditation assessment to the following professional qualification at the IDRRMI or IPDRAA:

  • International Risk Manager in International Enterprises (EIRM) or International Risk Manager in Finance and Investment (FIIRM)
  • International Accredited Professional Mediator (IAPM) [If chosen International Mediation Training]

Application Procedure

  1. Fill in the application link:
  2. Applicants are required to submit the following items to the admission office of the AIDRN via email:
    o Personal C.V.
    o Photo
    o Academic qualifications
    o Professional qualifications
    o Registration fee
  3. The application progress is officially completed after submitting all the required documents. Applicants will be selected on the basis of academic merits and relevant work experience. All applicants will be informed of the application results. Please contact AIDRN if you do not receive our decision by the date provided in the application and acknowledgment receipt sent by the AIDRN.

* Applicants wishing to apply for admission should send the following to the Admission Office:

    • The online application for admission form complete
    • The application fee of HK$500
    • Copies of the Secondary and the Senior Secondary School Certificate and the mark sheets. Postgraduate applicants, in addition to the above, should send a copy of the Bachelor and the relevant mark sheet
    • IELTS or equivalent, if available
    • Two passport size photographs with the applicant's name written on the back
    • Two references College Reference Form. The references should be from people that can comment thoughtfully on the applicant's abilities. This may include current/former instructors and employers
    • C.V.Documents can be submitted an electronic copy to