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Police Mediation and Neuroscience Training programme (Valencia, Spain)

Valencia Police Mediation

At the Police Department in Valencia, Spain, a police unit designed a training program to improve good practices in their profession.

The programme focuses on applying mediation skills and knowledge into the daily work of the police. Combining emotion management and conflict resolution and the latest technologies in Neuroscience, the programme helps law enforcement professionals conducting daily tasks more effectively.

AIDRN commentary: The success of the police mediation at Valencia is a clear demonstration of both the need for mediation skills in the police force and its positive impact to the force. Systematic mediation training programmes equip law enforcers both the skills and knowledge of conflict prevention and management. Policemen with professionally trained in mediation would not only reduce tension between the force and civilians but also facilitates harmonious communities.


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Police Mediation (Valencia) Coordinator -  Inspector Antonio Berlinga