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Training Venue – MHJMC

Entrance at Ice house street (Main Entrance)

(Junction of Ice House Street and Queen's Road, Central)

Opened at the following time:

  • Monday - Friday : 7:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday             : 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Alternative Entrance

Accessing to the building when the Main entrance is closed

1. Walk up the hill at Battery Path (炮台里)

2. Stop at the second junction, stairs to Justice Place will be seen on your right-hand side. Walk up.

3. Walk straight and along the roadblock and follow the road to the carpark of West Wing.

4. There will be a lobby at the right-hand side on your first right turn available.

Security check and registration

1. You are required to complete a security check and registration at the door on the right-hand side after the turn.

2. Sign in with “Mainland-Hong Kong Mediation Center”.

3. You are required to sign out from the same station when exiting the DOJ premises.

Head to the lift to access to AIDRN / other training facilitates in the building

1. After registration, walk out of the lobby and turn right to the corridor and walk straight, you will find an entrance to the building.

2. Walk to the end of the corridor, skip the lift on the left side, pass through the door and you will find the visitor lift behind.

3. Take the lift to 1/F and turn left upon your exit.